CCM E Flex 4 Goalie Pads Review + Release: Everything We Know

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With just a few months until the 2018 – 2019 NHL season gets underway, only one thing is for sure. The latest lines of goalie gear will start to leak.

Typically, manufacturers release their latest gear to pros and higher end goalies during the summer prior to the actual gear release. These goalies wear the gear throughout the summer and during the winter season. Finally, the gear is released to the public.

During the 2017/18 season, we saw lines like the Bauer 2S line and the Brian’s OPTIK capture the goaltending market by storm and this year should be no different. Bauer will likely follow both the 2S line and the 1X line for the 2018/19 season.

In recent weeks, we’ve started to see professional goalies debuting the CCM E Flex 4 line of gear at summer development camps and their off season training. One of the more interesting things to note is the sharp, seemingly endless color zone options CCM continues to offer.

When are the CCM Eflex 4 pads releasing?

The pads are available for purchase. We recommend checking out both Goalie Monkey and Pure Goalie.

Buy them on PureGoalie.

Shop the CCM EFlex 4 at Goalie Monkey.

You can still buy CCM E Flex 3 pads.

There’s a whole mess of other new goalie gear releasing this spring, including the much anticipated Warrior Ritual GT2’s as well as the Bauer Vapor 2X.

CCM E Flex 4 Goalie Pads Review

I’m also a big fan of checking out the Goal Net’s thoughts on gear. Here is his review of the CCM EFlex 4 lineup.

Our friends over at Goalie Gear Nerd were the first to leak photos of the latest gear lineup from CCM. Here’s Olle Erikkson Ek debuting a set during the Anaheim Ducks development camp this summer.

A couple observations about the CCM E-Flex 4 line

  1. It appears that the color ways extend onto the outer roll of the pad. This was first pointed out by @goaliegearnerd and confirmed by the CCM logo placement on the blocker (note how low it is). This is significant for CCM, as it’s something they haven’t done before.
  2. The pads APPEAR to have a thinner profile. CCM currently offers two lines of pads. First, the E-Flex line, designed for a hybrid goaltender. Second, the Premier line which is designed specifically for a butterfly goaltender. With more and more goalies (I would say every goalie, but there are still a few old timer stand up goalies) using the butterfly, it’s less and less important to have a pad designed specifically for each style. With the E Flex line, goalies are going to get a pad that “gives” a bit more where as the Premier line is a bit stiffer. With the E Flex 4 appearing to mold with the Premier line, it’s starting to look like a similar pad.


Buy them on PureGoalie.

Shop the CCM EFlex 4 at Goalie Monkey.

Another look at the E Flex 4 gear worn by Olle Eriksson Ek

This photo gives a closer look at the actual face design of the pads. From the initial looks of it, there are going to be a ton of color options available for goalies.


How are the CCM E Flex 4 Different From CCM E Flex 3 Pads? 

Obviously, for the most part right now the biggest difference we’ll see between the CCM E Flex 3 and the E Flex 4 is going to be the color zones. CCM has made a pretty big effort to offer more color zones in their gear in recent years, transitioning away from the long straight color strips that we have all seen on the Premier line(s).

Carey Price is pictured below wearing a set of CCM E Flex 3 gear during the 2017/18 NHL season.

CCM E-Flex 4 Sightings 

And so it begins, the official list of CCM eflex 4 goalie pad sightings. As the season rolls along, we’ll start to see more and more pros in the gear as they’ll have a chance to test it throughout the summer.

Very rarely do you see a pro goalie, who already wears a brand, NOT wear the brands latest gear during the current season.

Mike Condon wearing E Flex 4

The below videos were posted by @goaliegearnerd of Mike Condon of the Ottowa Senators practicing in what appear to be eflex 4 pads. He’s already got a color scheme down as well, nice touch, Mike!

CCM EFlex 4 Color Zones

In what is the most clear photo yet, we can clearly identify the CCM E Flex 4 color zones in an all white version of the pad. These pads, while they obviously will have upgraded internal structure, appear to be very similar to the CCM EFlex 3 line.

One interesting item of note is the sharp edges CCM appears to be trending towards in all of it’s designs. With the CCM E Flex 2, CCM started to offer a sharper design, trending away from their traditional “curves”. The Premier 2 line followed suit, with sharper edges and more color zone options.

Most likely, this is to compete with the likes of Bauer / Brian’s gear and their custom options (CCM does not offer custom pad design, other than customizing color options on the pad face).

Olivier Rodrigue wearing CCM E Flex 4

The next two photos show the start difference in what’s possible with the color zones on the latest line from CCM.

@orodrigue33’s @ccmgoalie #Eflex4 setup is super clean and crisp. #GGNCCM

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Robbie Beydoun’s CCM setup for the 2018 / 2019 College Season

Beydoun will wear an Eflex 4 set with a graphic opposite of Rodrigue’s.

Minnesota Gophers Goalie Mat Robson wearing E-Flex 4

Mat Robson wore CCM Eflex 4 pads during the 2018 / 2019 College Season.


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Thanks for everything, Mat! Good luck with the @minnesotawild! #Gophers #PrideOnIce

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