Best Foam Rollers for Goalies

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If you’re a goalie and you haven’t yet invested in a foam roller.. you probably wouldn’t be reading this. Foam rolling is a critical component of proper muscle recovery (myofascial release) and each and every one of you should be adding one of these pieces to your gear bag.

Aside from learning a few good hip stretches, you will not make a better, cheaper investment in yourself as a goalie. You have to learn the importance of maintaining your body at an early age in this game, or you won’t be in it for long.

Learn to treat your body well and it will reward you long beyond your playing days.

Here are the 4 best foam rollers for goalies on the market

Best Foam Rollers for Goalies

When it comes to finding the best foam roller, you’ve literally got about 4 options. You’ve got vibrating foam rollers, open core foam rollers, literal foam – foam rollers, and solid core foam rollers.

There’s really only two brands that matter in the foam roller game. Hyperice and Trigger Point. Everything else on the market is pretty much a direct copycat of these two brands. And if you want to go for the knockoff product, by all means go ahead. However, if something goes wrong with your product, don’t expect to have the customer service that these two brands can offer.

Hyperice Vyper 2.0 Foam Roller

Simply put, the Vyper 2.0 is the best vibrating foam roller on the market. It just is. We’ve been using ours almost daily for a little over two years and absolutely love it.

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Trigger Point Foam Roller

So, anything Trigger Point is pretty much overpriced. With that said, you’re getting the actual best foam roller on the market. Every other foam rolling brand on the internet is doing their best to keep up with Trigger Point products.

Personally, I think these guys tried to hit every corner of the marketplace a little too hard, but that’s just my opinion. As far as myofascial release products are concerned, Trigger Point is to foam rollers as Kleenex is to tissues.

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Amazon Basics Long Foam Roller

This is about as basic and as cheap as a foam roller is going to get. Anything Amazon Basics is going to be entry level. That’s not to say that this isn’t a good product.

It is. My local gym has the exact roller and I use it frequently. I love the fact that this foam roller is longer than the others.

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Trigger Point Multi Density Foam Roller

This is going to be a more travel sized foam roller. It’s softer than the first TP roller we recommend to our athletes, so it’s better for kids who are on the younger end of things. It’s more forgiving. Honestly, I own both this one and the solid core Trigger Point roller and love both.

This is great for pre workout rolling when you’re not as pliable.

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When you invest in a foam roller, invest in quality


Customer service. Foam rollers go bad if you use them the right way (which is, every day). Buy something quality, you’ll be so happy you did.

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