Jimmy Howard Wearing Bauer 2S?

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Similar to the Warrior Ritual CR1 stick this season, the movement of NHL goaltenders and up and coming goalies alike to Bauer 2S / Vapor 1X gear continues. It’s no surprise, either, with an interest in speed and performance NHL goalies are continually trying to give themselves the edge.

Jimmy Howard Testing Bauer 2S Gear?

In a post originally shared by Goalie Gear Nerd (must follow on Instagram) Jimmy Howard, goaltender for the Detroit Red Wings, is shown wearing the latest line of gear from Bauer.

The photos were originally shared by Instagram user @frankie29er. Below, we’ve embedded an original post from Frankie of Howard training in the gear.

Why is Howard testing new gear interesting?Β 

There are a couple reasons why we’re so intrigued by Howard testing new gear.

  1. It’s late in the season. NHL goalies rarely, if ever switch their gear throughout the season. In fact, it’s a big reason why we haven’t noticed a ton of Bauer 2S goalie sticks throughout the league this year. Most goalies use a foam core stick of some type and the weight change is so drastic they’re hesitant to switch.
  2. Howard is a Vaughn goalie.Β In the photo from this season below, Howard is pictured wearing a set of Vaughn gear in game action. While in recent years, Vaughn has delivered gear that caters directly to goalies who prefer a stiffer pad (much like the Bauer 2S), a switch like this is almost night and day.

Howard wearing his traditional Vaughn gear

A post shared by Frankie Roberts (@frankie29er) on

Will Howard switch from Vaughn to Bauer this season?Β 

Typically, we’d say this is unlikely. However, goalies in the NHL typically won’t make a switch this late in the season — not even in practice. Howard wearing the gear in practice, plus the fact that the Red Wings are no longer in the playoff race is indicative of him switching.

Again, it’s still unlikely that he’ll actually wear his new Bauer gear in game action, but the fact that he’s trying it with almost no time left in the year may confirm his intentions.

Regardless of whether Howard chooses to wear the gear during the 2017/18 NHL season, this summer, we should see a few more goalies test out some of the lightest gear on the market.

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