Low Tracking and RVH Recovery Drill for Goalies

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In this advanced drill, we’re working on a couple items. T pushes, RVH recoveries and proper rebound control.

Note: The gear used in this video, Bauer 2S goalie skates, Bauer 2S pads & gloves, and a Warrior CR1 goalie stick.

Low Tracking and RVH Recovery Drill Breakdown

First, we’re working on a t-push from post to top of crease. However, we’re adding a little Dave Rogalski flair. Instead of just a simple stop at the top of the crease, as Dave mentioned in his “How to t push” video — we give an additional shuffle in the direction of the t push. This reinforces the goalie pulling their trailing leg in and getting set.

Second, the goalie is forced to control a rebound prior to entering the RVH on the rebound side post. For the purposes of the drill, we’re shooting pucks to push side glove or blocker.

The goaltender should then enter the RVH and recover to the top of crease for a second shot.

Drill Variations and other notes

When filming this drill, we were in the middle of a progression towards things like standing recoveries and “shoulder checks”.

Shoulder check: ask your goalie to look towards the slot to identify a threat once they’re on the post. If the goalie has time to “shoulder check” in the RVH, there’s a good chance they should have recovered to a standing position.

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