Warrior Goalie Equipment Reviews

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Warrior Goalie Equipment is some of the lightest and most innovative gear on the market today. With a focus on innovation and building a loyal following from the ground up, Warrior and legendary designer Pete Smith have created exactly that.

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If you’re in the market for new goalie gear and you’re thinking about Warrior, you’re in for a treat. Warrior goalie has a legendary goalie pad maker behind most of it’s recent gear designs, Pete Smith.

Warrior’s Design Focus

Warrior focuses on a couple key things when designing their goalie gear. First and foremost, performance (as every brand does). Warrior takes this to another level by adding design elements like the Air Slide system on their new G4’s, rather than continuing old designs built in to their gear.

Another major focus of Warrior is the durability of their gear. Their gear uses “bindingless” designs, which makes the equipment last longer with less target areas for rips and tears. This also removes weight from their gear, something Warrior is best known for.

The brand does things a bit differently than most in the goalie equipment world, focusing on youth versus paying large sums to have it’s gear worn in the NHL. This has given them a unique edge when it comes to marketing their gear, as most of the focus is not on brand but on actual product itself.

As we review more and more Warrior products, you’ll find the articles sorted here.

We recommend buying Warrior Goalie Equipment from Pure Goalie.

To be clear, GoalieCoaches.com does reviews of Warrior goalie equipment because it’s something we feel is valuable to you, the reader — not because Warrior pays us.

Warrior Leg Pads / Trappers / Blockers

Warrior Ritual G4 Gear Review

Warrior Jocks / Cups

Warrior Ritual Pro X Jock (full review)

Warrior Chest and Arm Protection

Warrior Ritual G4 Chest Protector Review

Warrior Pants / Breezers

We’ll list each separate review, when available, here.

Warrior Sticks

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