Bauer Goalie Equipment Reviews

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With the Bauer Supreme and the Bauer Vapor lines of goalie equipment, in addition to their digital printing capability, Bauer is the clear leader in goalie pad innovation today. 

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Bauer has, in recent years, done more in innovation of their goalie equipment than any company in recent memory. With that being said, their gear may not be for everybody.

We recommend buying Bauer Goalie Equipment from Pure Goalie.

Chances are, you landed on this page from our “Gear Reviews” page. We’ve built custom equipment review pages for each brand, with links to each piece of equipment / line of gear from there. The goal is to make finding each specific review quick and easy. To find a specific review, simply choose your piece of equipment from the correct section below.

We hope you enjoy our objective reviews of Bauer goalie equipment.

Bauer Leg Pads, Glove and Blocker Reviews

Bauer currently runs two lines of goalie gear. The first, designed for butterfly goalies is the Bauer 1S/2S line. Second, a hybrid style of gear is the Bauer Vapor 1X line.

Bauer 1X Goalie Pads Review

Bauer 2S Goalie Pads Review


Bauer Chest and Arm Protection

We’ll list each separate review, when available, here.

Bauer Breezers

We’ll list each separate review, when available, here.

Bauer Helmets

We’ll list each separate review, when available, here.

Bauer Sticks

Bauer currently runs two lines of sticks. The Bauer Vapor and the Bauer Supreme.

Bauer 2S Goalie Stick Review

Bauer Skates

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