Warrior G5 Goalie Pad Review + Everything We Know

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Honestly, it can be hard to keep up with Warrior Goalie from time to time. They released a new helmet this spring, a new stick, and now the Warrior G5 goalie pads

When is the Warrior Ritual G5 Release date?

The pads are currently available. They released in the Spring of 2020, you can custom order them at Goalie Monkey or Pure Goalie.

Editors Note: Warrior will be releasing the Warrior G6 goalie pads in the coming months. The Warrior G5, having been out for over a year, have been one of the most popular goalie pads on the market. While they didn’t probably get the attention they deserved largely due to the pandemic, the G5 are a high performance, pro level goalie pad that you will not regret buying.

Warrior G5 Goalie Pad Review

The Warrior G5 pads are generating quite the buzz on Instagram. Here’s what we know right off the bat.


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The Warrior G5 Pro goalie pads are some of the most technologically advanced goalie pads in 2020.  Warrior as a goalie gear brand itself has been slept on over the past few years, but they’ve grown tremendously in popularity recently.  

The G5 Pro pads are the fifth version of Warrior’s Ritual line and this year they added some nifty features and technology advances that will help you stop more pucks.  


  • Lightweight 
  • CoverEdge+ covers more net, without any additional work
  • Airslide Technology allows for great sliding abilities, even late in the skate
  • Redesigned outer roll allows for cleaner RVH’s 
  • 360 degree ACTIVEdrop covers more 5 hole area
  • High quality 


  • Price


If you are considering buying a new pair of goalie pads for an undervalued price, these might be the ticket.  They’re cheaper than other goalie pads at the highest tier but only because the name hasn’t grown quite to the size of Bauer or CCM.  These pads are incredibly advanced and the quality matches the best of them.  


Warrior goalie pads are typically lightweight.  They just are.  The G5 Pro pads are Warrior’s lightest pads yet, which couldn’t have been easy to do, considering the weight of their previous pads.   Moving around with these pads feels like nothing.  Comparing these pads to the new Bauer pads, they are very similar in terms of weight.  


One new change from previous models of Warrior pads compared to the new G5 Pro pads is CoverEdge+.  It’s an interesting feature that essentially angles the face of the gear forward a bit, to cover more net.  It’s similar to when you challenge a shooter in the crease.  You are trying to cut the angle of the net off from the puck, this is doing the exact same thing – it’s just done for you.   

Super cool feature that makes it easier to stop pucks, without doing any extra work physically.  The pads still feel the same in terms of comfort and whatnot too, nothing has changed there.  They feel really good.

Airslide Technology

Airslide technology isn’t new on Warrior goalie pads, but they did make it a little bit better with these pads.  Essentially what it is, is a sliding surface that has diagonal grooves on the face of it so there is less surface area actually coming in contact with the ice.  This reduces the friction which results in more slide, even late in the day when the ice is all cut up.  

Along with that, Warrior also removed the binding near the knee area to create even less friction with the ice.  Bottom line, these pads can slide like butter.  

Redesigned Outer Roll 

In the past few years we have seen an explosion in the popularity of the RVH.  RVH this, RVH that.  Well with the Ritual G5 Pro pads, Warrior changed the look of the outer roll to get a better seal when you drop into the RVH.  The shape of the outer roll got changed a bit and the pads feature a tapered off the top.  This creates a more consistent landing and better seal on the post.  

360 Degree ACTIVEdrop 

Warrior implemented the 360 Degree ActiveDrop in the Ritual GT2 Pro pads to increase 5 hole coverage.  They brought it back for the G5 Pro pads since it worked so well.  What it does is covers more 5 hole area while standing in the upright position, and then the transition into the butterfly is quicker.   You also land with a tight seal on the ice, instantly.  


Only time will tell how durable these pads are, but from what I can see – they are going to last a long time.  They’re built with very high craftsmanship and the material isn’t going to break down soon.  I’ve previously had the GT2 Pros and they were also built to last.  You won’t have any concerns of these pads lasting you only a single season.  


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Conclusion: Warrior G5 Pro Pads Review

I really want to have something bad to say about these pads, but I actually don’t.  Like I seriously want there to be a reason for me to not like these pads – so it’s a complete review.  The price tag of 1,500 is a bit spendy so that could be something.  But even then, it’s not more expensive than other top brands on the market!  

I really do think that Warrior has come a long way in creating high end goalie gear.  They’re very lightweight with the technology that will help you stop more pucks easier.  Take a look into these pads, maybe even consider buying a pair!  You aren’t going to go wrong with the Warrior Ritual G5 Pros.  

Warrior Helmet

The Warrior Ritual G5 series is Warrior’s most talked about goalie pad series yet. They also debuted their new helmet.