Christmas Gifts for Goalies

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How To Buy Christmas Gifts for Goalies

First off, let’s be perfectly clear. This list of Christmas presents for goalies isn’t just for use during the Holiday season. If you’ve got a goalie in your life, I can personally assure you there are items here that they’ll want. You can use the information assembled to buy birthday gifts for goalies, or literally any gift for goalies at any time. We’ve updated this list for going on 3 years so you can rest assured that the information here is up to date!

For the sake of keeping our collection organized, higher end gifts (the stuff you dream for) are at the top of this list and stocking stuffers will be near the bottom.

Here’s how our ultimate list breaks down. 

First, we’ve got big ticket items for goalies and hockey families. Next, stocking stuffers for goalies / coaches. Last, near the very bottom, we’ve dedicated a special section specifically for goalie coaches and fans of goalies.

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Here’s how we chose things in this list.

Before we dive into the actual list of gifts themselves, a quick disclaimer. For many parents / grandparents / significant others reading this, if you’re not a goalie there are certainly things you will not understand when it comes to goalie talk.

Without an actual limit on how many items we included in our list, the goal is to give a large variety of gift ideas that follow two general guidelines.

  1. The goalie or goalie coach most likely does not already have this item.
  2. The receiving party definitely wants this item.

If you’re not understanding something here, we’ll give a few tips along the way.

For example, Maltese mask padding is going to be on this list. There is a good chance your goalie doesn’t have this yet — but an easy way to check is to secretely examine their mask. Is the mask padding inside lime green?

Yes? Don’t buy it. That’s Maltese padding.

No? Buy!!

Let’s dive into the goalie gift guide. 

PS. Pure Hockey made their own (we’re going to call them copycats..) you can find it here.

Sparx Skate Sharpener ($699+)

This might just be the single best gift you can buy for your goalie (and hockey family). I wrote an entire review on the Sparx several years ago.. and it’s listed at number one for good reason.

Anybody (and I do mean anybody) can operate this sharpener, it works not only for goalie skates but player skates as well and it is the single best sharpening experience I’ve ever had.

The unit itself retails for $699 (comes with a grinding ring of your choice) and is worth every penny.

December 2020 Update – I’ve now had this sharpener for 3 years and have had to do zero maintenance on it. I cannot say enough good things about this sharpener.

Buy the Sparx Sharpener ($899)

Guardian Anchor Pegs ($200)

These net pegs / post protectors are the standard in goalie net pegs (for training purposes).

Here’s why. There is a really, really good chance your goalie does not have post protectors on his or her net at practice.

These pegs do a better job of holding the net to the ground than any other peg on the market (for examples see this post) and at the same time, they protect a goalies edges.

There is nothing more frustrating for a goalie than burning through a sharpening at practice. The Guardian Anchor pegs are built like little Sherman Tanks and last for-ev-er.

Buy Guardian Anchor Pegs ($200)

IMPORTANT – these pegs have had MASSIVE ISSUES with shipping. If you want a peg that holds the net just as well, buy these

Piranha Pegs

The Piranha Pegs are sold at major retailers like Pure Hockey.

They’re not nearly as good as the Guardian Anchor Pegs, but getting your hands on a set of Guardian Anchor Pegs is like trying to pull teeth. For whatever reason, the shipping times on these things was horrible, and we quit selling them as a result.

Buy the Guardians if you dare, but if you just need a good net peg – the Pirahna Pegs will do just fine.

There are also post protector wraps made by the same company that you can find on both PG or GM depending on the time of year. When we were working on this article they were not listed.

Custom Goalie Gear (yessss) – Price Doesn’t Matter

Forget the fact that custom goalie gear costs thousands of dollars.

If you can afford it, or your kid mowed lawns all summer and is willing to pitch in, Pure Goalie and Goalie Monkey are your places to go for custom goalie pads.

I love Pure Goalie for this reason. You’re not running all over the country chasing custom goalie gear.

Beyond that, the scope of your custom project is nearly limitless with color combinations and strapping modifications.

Order custom goalie gear from Pure Goalie.

Order custom goalie gear from Goalie Monkey.

I wish Santa was coming to my house like it is your goalies..


Custom Mask Paint Job ($200-$1,000)

Mask painted by @grangrothgraphics

We had the custom mask paint job on the list last year and it rightfully stays this season.

Up there with the Sparx sharpener, a custom paint job will always be a hot ticket item.

Custom goalie mask paint jobs vary in price, but as a rule of thumb expect to pay anywhere from $300 to $1,000 for a high quality piece of work.

Personally, we recommend Grangroth Graphics for two reasons. They’re currently priced right (not on the upper tier) and they do phenomenal work. Here is their bio.

Grangroth Graphics is out of Minnesota, so if you’re not local you’ll have to ship your mask to them (common in the industry). If you’d rather choose somebody closer to you, check out our list of goalie mask painters and take your pick.

Contact Grangroth Graphics

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GRIT GT4 Wheeled Goalie Bag (Intermediate) $330

An expensive bag, yes.

One of the best on the market, yes.

One of the biggest challenges young goalies (and their parents) face, is getting gear into and out of the rink.

Younger goalies (below PeeWee level) tend to lean more towards wheeled bags and the GRIT GT4 is our favorite wheeled goalie bag on the market today.

Buy one, you’ll be happy you did.



Maltese Mask Padding Kit ($95)

I apologize for listing two different Maltese products in a row.

When it comes to protecting the head, nothing is more important.

Maltese mask padding (3/8″) is an extremely protective padding upgrade to a goalies current helmet. On top of that, it’s one of the more protective padding systems on the market today.

Consistently sold out on Goalie Monkey, try the Maltese website if you’re having issues getting your hands on the product. One of these kits should be enough for one helmet, though, my first run through on a Bauer NME 9 I could’ve used more.

Quick note: when buying a goalie helmet, fit is more important than style. Same goes for padding. This mask padding is a lot thinner than traditional padding, so make sure you understand the product you’re buying or double up on the padding.

Buy Maltese Mask Padding 

Mask Wrap from Skinfx (price, unknown)

If we hadn’t just told you otherwise, would you know the mask painted here is just a wrap?

Getting a mask wrap is a cheaper way of getting a custom design on your goalie helmet. It’s also great if you’re changing teams next season or upgrading your mask soon.

Skinfx is one of the top goalie mask wrap companies in the business, doing wraps from youth hockey all the way to the NHL (see the photo at left).

While the wraps may not last as long as a custom paint job, they do offer upside due to their flexibility and price.

Order a Goalie Mask Wrap from Skinfx

Goalie Slide Board from xHockey Products ($700+)

This is the one major item on this list that I do not personally own.

Though, we do hope to have a complete review on the slide board soon.

If you cannot afford synthetic ice, the slide board (purchase booties along with it) is a great way to get some off ice training in and offers numerous scenarios for training.

Note: you can make a cheap slide board with two sheets of Melamine and the same slide board booties sold on xHockey Products.

Buy the Slide board

Glove Modification from Factory Mad

The best way to describe this is by linking up an Instagram video (see below)

Factory Mad is a goalie equipment company that builds goalie gear and modifies it. The modification they make on a glove makes it easier to close and for a young goalie this can make all the difference.

The best way to order is to DM them on Instagram.

Anything from GoalieMonkey or PureGoalie

Of course, putting custom goalie gear as a “great gift” would be an easy target for this list. For the sake of being unique, we’re not going to do a big plug on custom goalie gear because it’s always a great gift.

Shop for discounts at

My second favorite large retailer for goalie gear is

Let’s get in to the goalie stocking stuffer gifts 

As with the theme of this post, our goal is to introduce new products that goalies and goalie coaches will love. Although, to be fair, we should have a completely separate post for goalie coaches.

We’ll continually update this post when we find new products.

“92” Series Gear 

Our “92” series of gear is inspired after your favorite goalie from the 1990s.

We’ve got phone cases in a variety of colors, t-shirts with colors to match your goalies favorite team (or their own team), hoodies and crewneck sweatshirts all designed to match their team colors.


Embracing The Grind by Justin Goldman (price varies)

Embracing The Grind is Justin Goldman’s latest book and it’s well worth the read.

If you’ve already read this one, take a look at his first: The Power Within.

Both books are excellent reads for any goalie and especially goalie coaches. This is the one item on the list that may apply to both goalies and coaches. I’ve really got to develop that separate article just for coaches.

Buy Embracing The Grind

Buy The Power Within

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Sham Sweatbands ($12-$20)

Sham Sweatbands simply work and they’re a really easy company to get behind.

The owner, Jim Andela is always one of the first to jump at any opportunity to support a charity and although his product is simple.. it does a phenomenal job of wicking sweat from a goalies face.

There are competing sweatbands on the market, however, there is only so much you can do to a sweatband. The Sham bands absorb a ton of water (up to 1/4 cup) and one will last quite some time.

On top of that, the sweatbands come in three different sizes (I use thick, I love it).

Buy Sham Sweatbands on Goalie Monkey

Padwrap (price varies, generally under $100)

Padwrap (also, Canadiens may know Padskinz) has changed the way people buy goalie equipment.

Why? Well, for the most part, with Padwrap, color simply does not matter. The product allows you to change the color of your gear (it works best on the front of the pad) at your convenience.

The product lasts for an incredibly long time, as long as it’s not on a high wear area like the inside of your pad boot.

For best results, it’s easiest to pre-determine the area you’d like to wrap and purchase based on that.

Buy Padwrap

HAL Toe Straps ($25)

If you do not understand toe straps, don’t worry. Grab your goalies leg pad and look near the toe of the pad.

Is there a strapping system at the very toe? Is is it lace? If so, buy these toe straps.

HAL toe straps are made of a bungee like material, velcro and jen pro. This system allows the goalie to quickly attach their toe straps prior to putting on their pads.

In addition, these HAL toe straps are a much better option than traditional lace. The straps elasticity is easier on a goalies leg / ankle when they move in to the butterfly or in any position that would put stress on this area.

Buy one pack first and have your goalie test these toe straps, if they like them I’d recommend adding the shock sleeve (protects the bungee like strap).

Goalie Mask Hardware Kit from ($18)

It might seem “off”, but there is something quite satisfying about updating the hardware on your goalie mask.

I’m not kidding, ask a goalie.

This kit from GoalieParts (phenomenal company, also sells the OTNY mask we listed above) comes with rubber stoppers that add bonus shock absorption to a mask.

Kit includes: 

6 Stainless Steel Cage Clips
6 Stainless Steel Screws
6 Heavy Duty Neoprene Washers
5 Premium Low Carbon Black Zinc Plated Snap Screws
5 Silicone Washers
11 studs

Buy kit from

Foam Roller (price varies)

If you’re a parent of a goalie and have not read up on the importance of Myofascial Release, it’s worth a read.

For goalies, maintaining the body is of utmost importance and foam rolling is a great way to accomplish this.

The Trigger Point foam roller is one of the most popular foam rollers on the market and for good reason. The product isn’t a cheap knockoff — it set the standard for foam rollers in the past several years.

Buy Trigger Point Foam Roller while you’re at it, buy a Lacrosse Ball as well (it’s for the glutes / hips)

Swivel Vision Training Goggles (price varies)

Swivel Vision goggles are all the rage in the past year, but they’re a pretty affordable way to train your eyes.

Think having eyes that are on point is good for a goalie? You can bet it is. Head trajectory is a popular buzzword between NHL goalies and goalie coaches alike and the Swivel Vision goggles are designed to aid in training this method of watching the puck.

For the money, these training goggles make the perfect stocking stuffer gift for your goalie.

Buy Swivel Vision Goggles (also, read the Swivel Vision Goggles Review)

Blocker Sleeve ($89 CAD)

The Blocker Sleeve is a very unique product that would work well in conjunction with the Swivel Vision Goggles listed above.

You simply attach the Blocker Sleeve system to your blocker, throw a ball at the wall and watch it all the way on to your blocker.

This is a great, fun way for young goalies (and experienced goalies) to work on their hand eye coordination.

Use before practices and before games (and just about anywhere in between)

Buy Blocker Sleeve

A Book on Mental Toughness

For the sake of at least listing one book on mental toughness here, we’ll choose “Relentless” by Tim Grover.

It’s pretty obvious that mental toughness and building routines are important for athletes, but especially so for goalies. There are literally hundreds of books on mental toughness and sports psychology out there, but we did make a list of some of the best.



Goalie Mask Poster by Andy Hall ($15-$29)

These. things. are. sick.

I want just about every poster in his store and you can rest assured knowing that any goalie ever would want this poster.

Plus, it’s a unique design that goes well in just about any setting whether it’s a man cave, a bedroom, or an office (I’m ordering one for the Goalie Coaches as we speak).

The price of the poster varies by size, I’ll be ordering the biggest option he has and it’s $29.

Andy sells his merchandise on a Society 6 store and the link is posted below. He does have individual prints of some popular masks like Patrick Roy’s and Felix Potvins as well.

Buy the Goalie Mask Poster

Reaction Ball by Champro

This wasn’t on the original list, however a Goalie Coaches reader (thanks, Ally!) made us aware of the fact that we missed reaction balls.

A classic stocking stuffer item for any goalie, reaction balls should be a staple in your goalie bag.

Now that I think of it, every goalie should have a reaction ball, several raquetballs (pre game hand eye), a tennis ball (same thing) and a lacrosse ball (for rolling the hips) in his or her goalie bag.

Buy the Champro Ball

Goalie Coaches merchandise

Thought we wouldn’t slip this in here, didn’t you? Wrong!

What would a list of the best Christmas gifts for goalies be without pumping our own tires?

We’ve use the code “CHRISTMAS25” for 25% off any jersey or apparel in the Goalie Coaches shop.

Our “Team Colors” hoodies, t-shirts, and longsleeves are popular as they each come in a variety of different colors designed to be worn with the team.

We are working on a full lineup of apparel for the Goalie Coaches community, so check the shop frequently if you’re not seeing something you like.

Gifts for Goalie Coaches and Goalie Fans

I know for a fact that the poster from Andy Hall should be listed here, but it didn’t meet the goalie coach specific criteria so it’s in the stocking stuffers portion. Our sincerest apologies if that hurts your feelings.

Quick note on this portion of the list.

We’re not going to update numbers and some items here will be deleted after the Holiday’s. That’s because some of the items listed below will be eBay items that will almost certainly sell.

Vintage Cooper Gloves (eBay)

No office is complete without a pair of vintage goalie gloves or vintage goalie equipment of some kind and these Vintage Cooper Gloves fit the bill perfectly.

Combine these with that Autographed puck from Kane Van Gate’s kickstarter project, or the vintage poster from Andy Hall and you may just win the Holiday Season this year.

Seriously, Vintage Cooper gloves in this condition are fairly hard to find and although the price is a bit steep — a true goalie aficionado will appreciate this more than you’d imagine.

eBay Listing Here

Vintage Goalie Sweatshirt ($37)

In case you’re wondering, my bank account does not appreciate the fact that I’m writing the ultimate list of gifts for goalies.

It’s pretty hard to find decent looking goalie apparel and Vintage Goalie is a solid brand.

For those of you who think this mask looks outdated — it is and that’s the point.

If you’ve got a goalie in your life, they will appreciate rocking this sweatshirt year round. On top of that, they’ll love the looks they get even more.

Buy it on eBay

BHLPA T-Shirt ($30)

Adult goalies and goalie coaches alike appreciate the BHLPA.

Their motto? “All roads lead to the BHL”.

They’ve got a plethora of gear that honors this prestigious league and the talented BHLers that play, from sweatshirts to this t-shirt and just about everything in between.


And if you’re shopping for me, I’ll take this black hoodie.


Goalie Cut Calgary Flames Jersey 

If you’re not actually a goalie and reading this list, I’ll let you in on a little secret.

The next time you want a solid gift for your goalie (specifically thinking a Beer League goalie or somebody who likes memorabilia) go to eBay and search for “Favorite team + goalie cut jersey”.

Practice jerseys or actual game worn jerseys make great gifts, awesome jerseys for mens league, or conversation pieces in a man cave.

This Flames jersey popped out because of the old school logo and the fact that it’s a JOFA. Which just means that it is r-e-t-r-o.

Buy it on eBay

Custom Canvas Print ($20+)

We’re starting to get in to the ideas phase here and this may be the last gift on the list.

I have not actually purchased a goalie canvas myself, however I have used this website with success. If you’re thinking of ordering a custom canvas print, I would suggest Googling “best canvas print deal” or something of the sort.

Wrapping Up (are we missing something?)

We’ll be adding to this post (most likely daily) throughout the Holiday season this year and we do plan on adding to it each season going forward.

Please do your research prior to buying an item on this list, stay within your budget and most important do not lose sight of the real importance of family, friends, and life.

Happy Holidays!

If we’re missing something, send an email to tyler @ and we will add it to the list.

PS. If you got this far and want to give the Goalie Coaches team a gift, you can subscribe to us on YouTube.